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m a y b e -  c r e d i t s


Electric Guitars-   Rich Daigle, Andy Monaco, Herc O.
Acoustic Guitars- Andy Monaco, Sean Monaco

Horn Section:
Dale Lee, John Flanders, Joe Chisholm

Drums- Bob Smith                                                                   
Congas- Carlos Arroyo                                                        
Piano- Rod Strong
Bass – Scott Terry
Harmonica- Andy Monaco
Backing Vocalists- Lisa Marie Wood, Kristen Merrill


Violin on ‘She’s got Somethin’ - Bronwen Beecher
Djembe on ‘She’s got Somethin’ - Sylvia Nibley
Pennywhistle on ‘Favorite Shoes’  - Stan Jensen
Rhodes on ‘If I Can’  - Mary Beth Marziaz
Trombone on ‘Strong Dog Blues’  - Joe Chisholm
Rhodes on ‘She’s got Somethin’  - Carel P. Brest van Kempen
Cello on ‘Favorite Shoes’ and ‘My Heart’ - Sylvia Nibley                     Acoustic Guitar on ‘She’s got Somethin’  - Sean Monaco
Percussion on 'She's Got Somethin'- Peter Monaco, Alie Monaco, Sean Monaco
Electric Guitar on ‘Maybe’  - Herc O.
Tenor Sax on ‘Take it All’ - Dale Lee
B-3 organ on 'Never Love' – Mighty Dave Pellicciaro
Tenor Sax on 'Never Love' – John Flanders
Clarinet on 'Funky Business - “Hot” Rod Strong

Horn Arrangements-
Never Love, Your House, True Love, Funky Business- John Flanders
Strong Dog Blues- Joe Chisholm
Take it All- Dale Lee
Your House- Horn arrangement and Baritone Sax solo - John Flanders


Recorded at Herc’s Living Room, SLC, Ut.
Produced by Andy Monaco

Recorded and Mixed by Herc Ottenheimer
Mastered by Bob Abeyta

Photography- Ed Rosenberger

All songs written by Andy Monaco, © Copyright 2006, All rights reserved. An Onessa Records Production

Special Thanks to: My children Alie, Peter and Sean. Sylvia.
Thanks to the townspeople of Torrey, Utah and Baker, Nevada and my longtime desert friends in the Deep Creek Mountains.
Oasis Stagewerks, Performance Audio, Guitar Czar and Acoustic Music..Thank you all.

Special thanks to Herc Ottenheimer for his care and precision in the recording and mixing of this Project. My twin brother Edd, Mighty Dave, Greta, Randy Barton and Bob Abeyta; just having you out there makes this record better…Peter Choles for selling me the guitar heard on this album.

And to all of my clients who have trusted me with their homes and money. Mike Walker for being such a talented and stand up guy. Ed and Kate for their friendship and Debby Berdan, just because.

Thanks also to my children and the women who have taken the time to love me; you have made my world a better place.
And to all of the musicians, friends and fans throughout the years, who have shown support and interest in this songwriter and show-off. Thank you for your confidences in me.